It shouldn’t come as a surprise,
They tried to play me to the side,
Couldn’t stop me, but they tried.
It shouldn’t come as a surprise.”

The DJ Deuce Double J track “No Surprise” is the latest release from the vault of Jacobi Ryan’s #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign. The vibrant, synth filled, feels good to the hip hop soul, track marks the start of Week 18 of the Lawton, OK native’s year long “if-you-gon-know-me-we-gon-take-this-shit-from-the-top” platform. (If you are a first time listener to the campaign – the following words are really for you.) Launched in January, the campaign includes the release of a weekly track, accompanied by a video and Jacobi’s #TMIKTMID podcast, giving listeners value in terms of consistent fresh content, fan engagement, and most importantly an enjoyable musical experience. Now, speaking of value, the track “No Surprise”, is all about knowing one’s worth and purpose as well as overstanding the plethora of discouraging haters (“They either like us or hate us.”) which is usually an inherent presence in the grand scheme of achieving success.

“I let it slide cuz,
They don’t know who they messin with.
Never offended by opinions,
They are irrelevant.”

Reaction, attitude and life. On “No Surprise” Jacobi builds the impenetrable flames on how he counteracts with his ninety percent, dousing all opposing forces via his lyricism. (“Rarely distracted/ Barely get outta my element/ I’ll never settle/colonialism come before settlements”.) Thus, for listeners and fans, “No Surprise” will either echo how you already deal with naysayers, or raise your vibration on how you gon start dealin’ with the naysayers. But, you’ll also get rightfully “played to the side” by the overall superb vibes that Jacobi and DJ Deuce Double J bring to the table – yep, it’s that value added #52in365 bop – but that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Y’all enjoy!


“No Surprise” is now available on all digital streaming platforms.