“What you putting in the world
If it’s nothing in your mind?”

Artist. Entrepreneur. Thinker. Visionary. And, never one to not leave listeners invigorated with knowledge, empowerment, inspiration, dope music and a few left curves about his own transparency. Yep, that’s part of the #52in365 music campaign and movement but who says you can’t have fun impacting the masses while not “getting played to the side”?

Watch how it all goes down in the visuals for Jacobi’s DJ Deuce Double J produced track “No Surprise” which closes out Week 18 of the campaign. This week’s visuals includes an appearance by actor Adam Bridges and the spirit of Damian Lillard via Jacobi’s own athletic prowess. Y’all enjoy!



“…once things do come to fruition – like, it shouldn’t come as a surprise because this has been happening the whole time right in front of everybody’s eyes.”

Episode 18 of Jacobi Ryan’s #TMIKTMID podcast is now live This week’s topics include:

  • The real work is the inner work.
  • The story behind Week 18 song of #52in365, “No Surprise”.

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