Coming from hip hop royalty, (iNTeLL is Wu-Tang Clan’s U-God’s eldest son and. S.I.T.H. has received guidance as an emcee under the auspices of the U.M.C.’s Kool Kim/NYOIL) these Staten Island emcees are positioning themselves to become Hip Hop dignitaries that others will include in their Top 5. The duo is now known as 8ighty8 and recently released their track and video for “POWAh”. Per their PR Team, “POWAh” is actually a previously unreleased track and producer Wavy Bagels comes through with the sound of rhythmic drums and melodic beat as iNTeLL and S.I.T.H. deliver pleasing chemistry collectively and individually. As far as the visuals, 8ighty8 gives us some organic vibes with the body movement and not too common aesthetics, as well as a little “Tony Macaroni, Tony Macaroni, Tony Macaroni”. Find out who Tony Macaroni is while you enjoy the visuals!