Still keepin’ #52in365 alive, Jacobi Ryan recently wrapped up Week 19 of the campaign by dropping the visuals for his DG Beats produced (tribute) track entitled “Bob Marley”.

Shot in a bright room full of various wall art, the visuals for “Bob Marley” include “real time” artistic expression as painter Roland Givens completes a Bob Marley painting from start to finish throughout the visuals while Jacobi reflects on how the iconic reggae singer and activist had him “thinkin’ about his life”. I like how Imageline Studios makes use of the two shot technique with Jacobi rhyming (in the background) while Roland brings Bob Marley to life (in the foreground) as the scenes perfectly resonate with the overall personal vibe of the song…. “He taught me what they say about me/Don’t mean shit/ Give yo gift to the world/ Let ’em take what they can get.”) However, it is Jacobi’s deep, quiet reflection at the end that makes you realize that the song is more than simply a tribute. Y’all enjoy!


Epidode 19 of Jacobi’s #TMIKTMID podcast is live and the topics include:

  • Why it’s hard for Jacobi to be open/personal on social media.
  • Theory vs Reality.
  • The story behind the song “Bob Marley”.

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