After watching the visuals for Oklahoma artist Thomas Who?’s “All Blessings, No Luck” a few times I started thinking – surely this must be what it feels like when them Oklahoma “Avengers” assemble as I saw Oklahoma hip hop dignitaries Dr. View (also Texas), Dezz Got Steeze, and a few members from The Space Program in the house party themed visuals. With Thomas Who? rhyming with a turtle in his hand in one scene and then again in a bathroom scene sitting alongside a bathtub with his better half and fellow TSP member Beety Man, while he superbly delivers bar after bar, I also realized there’s not a damn thing corny goin’ on here.

When I got through feeling the force of the dope lyricism by Thomas Who?, the nerve of Wesley Warhol’s (from the alt rap group Baconomics) witty wordplay, and the fire from Jacobi Ryan delivering the hook – you might as well have tagged my ass Thanos because, it “felt like” the entire house party, red cups and all, and the undeniable booming beat that reverbrates through this whole Oklahoma Rap Universe I just experienced, kicked me into another rose that grew from the concrete dimension. And shit, I’m totally here for it.

“Pull up on u when it manifests/All blessings no luck”. Yeah, they been here – we just tryna catch up. Y’all enjoy!