“They can’t match my hustle
Boy I was built to win
I was blinded by the struggle
Lord forgive me for my sins…
I just want the love,
You could keep that salt
Imma break the bank
Keep the keys to the vault…”

“Built To Win” is the ultra dreamy track by hip hop duo I$O Indies. This must be the appetizer for listeners and fans as the duo also released their project “I.S.O. 2.0” about a month ago but they seem to have a history for being just that nice when releasing singles in between projects. Produced by C-Rxch “Built To Win” is thick with I$O Indies’s ultra laid back style and the soulful mellow track seems to double down on this characteristic that I love about Conchez and Dill rhyme style. Still, their respective verses go from “super saiyan” laid back with a rapper singer style to a “gone, gone I’m goin’ ghost” with a slightly aggressive style – so don’t let them fool you. Although, their usual organic 90s appeal is missing from this track the dreamy vibe appeal is something you’ll want to keep on your playlist and chill or ride out to. Y’all enjoy!