“Perfect mix of Chapo
and Picasso, they say that money is diablo, so we all broke⁣⁣⁣.”

A whole money mood. Yep, that is the best way to describe the visuals for Jacobi Ryan’s Week 21 drop, “Rich Forever”. It’s also another great visual production for the folks over at Image Line Studios as they excellently capture an aspect of the relationship of a man and the concept of money via some ATM “errors” and the circle of emotional stages that go along with that – yeah Jacobi is winning folks over with not only his lyricism, but some acting skills as well in this one. Watch, the visuals with no sound and you’ll still feel the impact of his whole mood…

But, despite the errors and the middle finger Jacobi eventually gives his financial service provider, the bass filled track produced by Black Ace Beatzz actually serves as that valuable financial wisdom piece disguised as dope hip hop that is required thinking. “A lot of people build their Heaven⁣⁣/Being fake as Hell.”⁣⁣

Y’all enjoy these verses and transactions!


Episode 21 of Jacobi Ryan’s #TMIKTMID podcast is now live! Topics include:

– Ownership & employment and why it’s important.
– The story behind the Week 21 track “Rich Forever”. As usual if this you find value in this podcast please feel free to provide feedback at IG/Twitter: