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“Clock Tales” (Official Video) by Jacobi Ryan | @Nothin2Much (Prod. by @youknowitsjuste x Big Dew Music)

“Anybody can say they got it
They be talking for they health
I was taught to not believe it
If I never saw it for myself
Thats bad for your health…

Soulful funky vibes in rural Oklahoma. That’s the “getaway” setting that Image Line Studios uses as the backdrop for Jacobi Ryan’s latest visuals for his Week 25 #52in365 track “Clock Tales”. In the visuals, its an outdoor vibe, as Jacobi seemingly gives his art to the Universe while delivering his verses alongside a car in nothin’ but nature’s open air space and having fun with it all by himself. I’m one that loves my own solitude so I’m totally diggin’ the mood.
If you haven’t listened to the track produced by Just E and Big Dew Music, “Clock Tales” is a clever play on words, slighted narratives (“Perpertratin’ just make you look irritatin'”), and the time spent on how productive one is while we are blessed with this life we are given. “Clock Tales” is now available on all digital streaming platforms – y’all enjoy!


Episode 25 of Jacobi Ryan’s #TMIKTMID podcast is now live! Keepin’ it light, but lit, the topics for this episode include:

– Don’t stay passionate.

– The story behind the Week 25 song “Clock Tales”.
The podcast is available for streaming on Apple Podcasts, Radio Republic, Google, Stitcher, and more.

An Unapologetic Response: “Force” (Official Video) by @Wordsmith

“There’s an empty room in that kids home, and his parents just got videos of that fatal shot to their son’s dome.”

– Wordsmith

Disrupting the apathy and the injustice. The DMV’s Wordsmith is standing on the shoulders of generations of the voices and voiceless that have pointed out the disparities and unnecessary treatment and resulting trauma from victims that still exist from those in law enforcement that choose this pattern of behavior. According to Wordsmith, a necessary reaction is – you sometimes you have to excercise verbal “Force”. Watch and listen…

#52in365 Week 25: “Clock Tales” by Jacobi Ryan | @Nothin2Much (prod. by Just E & Big Dew)

“I just listen to the story
That the clock tell.
Never shell shocked
And never shot shells.
I just listen to the story
That the clock tell…”

A new week, a new song. He’s used to this, got this, and if you check his social media pages – this visionary don’t stop. Jacobi Ryan kicked off Week 25 of the #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign yesterday with his track entitled “Clock Tales”. Producers Just E and Big Dew lay the foundation for the song with a mean, soulful and funky for the streets, hip hop track that instantly give you some obvious nostalgic soulful vibes and is satisfying to anyone’s music palette regardless if your ears are genre specific or not. On the track, Jacobi comes with it on the lyricism and flow as he gives listeners another taste of how he see things, which is always never according to anybody’s clock but his own. This time his measurement of time is a little creative as the title “Clock Tales” is not just a play on words, but also on one’s actions towards progress, as well as the sometimes embellished narratives that go along with the real truth – stagnation. He don’t know about others, but Jacobi ain’t stoppin’ or slowing down anytime soon. Alright, I’ll leave my thoughts right here. Check out the track now and be sure to listen to the story behind the song next week on Jacobi’s “The More I Know, The More I Don’t” podcast. Y’all enjoy!

“Clock Tales” is available on all digital streaming platforms.

“Change Gonna Come” [Official Video] by @Rymeezee ft. Beronica

“Messin with them suckas
You gone play ya’ self.
Desperation brings you closer
To the flames of hell.
They gonna throw you in a cell
Where you can’t prevail.
While you busy chasing tails,
We posted up and making mail…”

Yesterday Rymeezee delivered the second visuals from his “Bourne Bad III (Blaqlisted)” album entitled “Change Gonna Come” featuring beautiful vocals from Beronica (yes with a “B”). Directed by Cabot Maloney, the visuals allow you to inhale all the goodness of the San Francisco Bay Area scenery while Rymeezee and Beronica keep it way “vibey” with all the wisdom and encouragement to stay on your grind…

Yep, this one is for all of the “beloveds rockin’ from Market to Slauson” and the Nipsey inspired “marathon” according to Rymeezee. “Stay on your grind, your time gonna come.” Y’all enjoy!

“Bourne Bad III (Blaqlisted)” is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

“Get Used To It” (Video) by @RealScottKIng ft. IRocc (Produced By Drumma Boy)

“Leveled up, got a bag
And now I’m used to it…”

“Get Used To It” is the latest visual from the one who’s BEEN conducting “bar clinics” on emcees lately, Scott King. Produced by Drumma Boy, the high energy track also features an assist by rapper IRocc. “Get Used To It” was released previously as a single but, Scott King is rewindin’ on us and still runnin’ clinics. Remember, faith reigns and the blessings will flow – get used to it. Y’all enjoy!

“IDK” by Jacobi Ryan | @Nothin2Much (Prod. by Cuban J)

“I ain’t afraid to say
That I don’t know,
And I don’t need nobody
Else to help me.
And, I don’t know how this could go,
I just know I ain’t gon let
Nobody else tell me…”

It’s Week 24 of the #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign and Jacobi kicked of the week with his “this is who I am” themed track entitled “IDK”. Produced by Cuban J. Jacobi also released the visuals for the track earlier. Filmed in a coffee shop setting, the visuals are akin to sitting down with Jacobi over a couple of lattes as he waxes poetic about his open book of complexities – if you see it that way. However, Jacobi is just keeping it one hundred with his thought process in a way that honors who he is regardless. So, enjoy the coffee shop ambiance as well as the mellow, yet dreamy, boom bap production from Cuban J. – this collaboration really is that mood. Enjoy!


Episode 24 of Jacobi Ryan’s #TMIKTMID podcast is now live. This episode’s topics include:

  • Why he doesn’t respect bold opinions/predictions.
  • Science over expertise.
  • The story behind this week’s track “IDK”.

The podcast is available for streaming on Apple iTunes, Radio Republic, Google, Stitcher, and more.

Expectations Rock Both Ways: “Ride” by Baby Cate | @_babycate

“I don’t want no scrubs
A scrub is a guy that
Can’t get no love from me
Get the fuck away from me
I’ll show you crazy
You might wanna run
It’s for your safety…”

Baby Cate recently released her single entitled “Ride” last week. Using a slowed down sample version of TLC’s “Scrubs” (with a remixed chorus) Baby Cate poetically “caresses” her listeners soul with the Bonnie and Clyde themed track entitled “Ride”. Although, some of the lyrics are edgy at times, I like the gentle pace Baby Cate takes on this dreamy sounding track produced by SKA. Expectations are a two way street if you ready to ride. Y’all enjoy!

“Bourne Bad III (Blaqlisted)” by Rymeezee | @Rymeezee

San Francisco’s Rymeezzee recently released his 13 track project entitled “Bourne Bad III (Blaqlisted)”. Despite the “shade” in the titled having been rejected, excluded, overlooked, and dealing with insecurities, the project’s theme is about not seeking aporoval and the ability to keep things moving. Produced by Rymeezee and others, “Bourne Bad III (Blaqlisted)” is the third and final installment of Rymeezee’s Bourne Bad series and includes some stand out tracks such as his previously released single “No Interruptions”, the it might be a casual affair themed “Dejavu” and my favorite, the jazzy “Time Is Now” (listen to the snippet below). “Bourne Bad III (Blaqlisted)” is now available on all digital streaming platforms. Y’all enjoy!

“Heavy Wings” (Official Video) by Jacobi Ryan | @Nothin2Much

“Young Vince Carter
When I take a leap of faith,
This one for errybody out here
Being great …”

Still rollin’ regardless… Jacobi Ryan dropped the visuals for the Week 23 release from his track #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign. Entitled “Heavy Wings” yesterday. And, I have to say that the vibe on this Autograph produced track feels more vibrant every time I listen to it. It’s a very melodic and jazzy track with a fast-paced and sometimes tempered momentum, that can be heard on both the production of the track and in Jacobi’s lyrical flow. And, trust me, after listening, you’ll be glad you came for the ride.

As for the visuals, similarly to the song, the downtown outdoor setting is casual yet vibrant also. Using close up shots, I like how Image Line Studios focuses on the very thing that I took notice of when I first heard the track – Jacobi’s marathon bars on the hook, which, given the theme of the track, comes across as something thrilling yet, beautifully deep and ruminative. Feel the vibes and enjoy!

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