Oakland’s Hip Hop dignitary, artist, author, entrepreneur, songwriter, community activist and philanthropist, Mistah F.A.B. has been going ham on Instagram all for the love of Oakland culture. As an ode to the Oakland hyphy dance culture and movement he’s been promoting the #gigchallenge complete with a track, a video (“Gigs Challenge”), a plethora of Bay Area natives both old and new who’ve stepped up to the challenge and a competition to boot. But, all the time the veteran rhymer has been holdin’ it down for his native city, and all the time his native city has his back… February eighth, twenty fourteen was declared “Stanley Cox a.k.a. Mistah F.A.B.” day. I did say his city has his back…

Mural of the late Plan Bee, founding member of Hobo Junction featured in the video “I’m From The Town”. Artist: The Dream (R.I.P.)

Recently Mistah F.A.B. collaborated with Oakland’s highly regarded production team The Mekanix for their track and visuals “I’m From The Town”. Now, if you’re a native of Oakland, you’ll not only be amazed by how The Mekanix and Mistah F.A.B. excellently curated Oakland culture visually and lyrically with nostalgia (Eastmont Mall, Felix Mitchell, Todd Smith, Falcon car culture, etc.) as well as musically with a track that slaps, you’ll also have to show your utmost gratitude for a job suberbly done. The song and visuals don’t simply tell you about Oakland – The Mekanix and Mistah F.A.B. take you on a well deserved, window seat journey inside their city that you didn’t even know you needed.

In the words of Sway Calloway, “I’m from Oakland” (I am) and y’all enjoy!