Internal Rhyme teamed up with Arizona producer Treytice for his current single “Advise” from his forthcoming album “Subconcious Rap” which drops on June 14th. Internal Rhyme also released the visuals for the track which were filmed in double time to highlight his rapid fire flow and witty lyricism. The song itself (backed by Treytice’s spin on a classic boom bap sound) focuses on some of the artist’s values including “modesty, peace, and the occasional flex” as Internal Rhyme gives listeners some of his greatest advice throughout the track.  The visuals were filmed in Amsterdam, and let’s just says if you were feeling “meh” prior to watching the visuals, Internal Rhyme’s enthusiasm and passion and some of the “special effects” will ensure you’re on the receiving end of some lyrical goodness – you’ll smile too. Y’all enjoy!