On Friday Jacobi Ryan kicked off Week 23 of his music campaign with the track “Heavy Wings”. Produced by Autograph, the track takes listeners on a very melodic and introspective vibe as Jacobi not only examines the value we place on life while we still here but also the choices and actions we take especially if we consider that this life if only temporary or spiritual if you will (also according to Jacobi) – “Seem like everything is temporary/And to me the shit is scary/ ‘Cause we treat it like it matter more than everything…” After a few listens, I could not understand how this track was tugging at me from a place of two different emotions after hearing Jacobi steamroll through the introductory/chorus. (“What you suppose to do/ When shit ain’t like it was before/And now we at a funeral/And liquor pourin’ out?…”) Although. the mood on the track is pensive for the most part, due to Jacobi’s deep lyrical content, it’s the well crafted adrenaline rush that Jacobi and the producer weave into the lyrical flow and music that give the track this sort of unexpected thrilling balance which is different from Jacobi’s aggressive and passionate tone, but still has the same affect. In a nutshell, listeners will enjoy the heavy bars (yeah, it’s what you thought you heard while trying to catch up to his deep thoughts) as well as the heavy sentiment that is displayed on this track. Y’all enjoy!