The Reform. This crew from Inland Empire makes you appreciate that special energy that radiates back and forth between a crew of rhymers. The anticipation of “who up next”, deciding which emcee resonates with you the most, and more importantly, trying to figure out “How the hell did the Teddy Bear get put on?”

Yeah, peep the visuals for The Reform’s track “Ugly 8’s” and try not seeth with envy – The Teddy Bear is witnessing greatness in the making. Infinite TGM, Aesthetic, Greg Soull, Robby Noir, Jay Pharoe, Sean John Jack, Navi, Castro, Dirtbag Third, Xican Brown, Mr. Taz, Sir Wryter, Romer, Jehmal Jones, 9Three Aimore, KT, and Producer Raymakesbeats are The Reform. Y’all enjoy!

Stream and download The Reform’s debut album which is now available on all digital streaming platforms.