“Manifest some ill verbal’s that are funky for you, we always keep it elevated and fresh but don’t test the flesh.” – Emskee

Preserving bars and keeping true lyrical hip hop alive is “insane”. Emcees out here yellin’ “Bars!” with a slick ass, sinister Jack Nicholson smile. And, the emcee/production duo The Good People along with MXNXPXLY Family ain’t even tryin’ to get on the right side of right and pacify anybody – they’re crazy enough to lash out at you with dope lyricism. Yep, “loco” but never scared. So, straight from Good People Memorial (Hospital For The Lyricaly Isane) here is some lyrical “tragedy” for you – their current single, “A Summer Night At The Symphony” Y’all enjoy!

“A Summer Night At The Symphony” is the first video single from The Good People’s fortgoming EP “The Summer” which is now available for pre-order.