“I ain’t afraid to say
That I don’t know,
And I don’t need nobody
Else to help me.
And, I don’t know how this could go,
I just know I ain’t gon let
Nobody else tell me…”

It’s Week 24 of the #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign and Jacobi kicked of the week with his “this is who I am” themed track entitled “IDK”. Produced by Cuban J. Jacobi also released the visuals for the track earlier. Filmed in a coffee shop setting, the visuals are akin to sitting down with Jacobi over a couple of lattes as he waxes poetic about his open book of complexities – if you see it that way. However, Jacobi is just keeping it one hundred with his thought process in a way that honors who he is regardless. So, enjoy the coffee shop ambiance as well as the mellow, yet dreamy, boom bap production from Cuban J. – this collaboration really is that mood. Enjoy!


Episode 24 of Jacobi Ryan’s #TMIKTMID podcast is now live. This episode’s topics include:

  • Why he doesn’t respect bold opinions/predictions.
  • Science over expertise.
  • The story behind this week’s track “IDK”.

The podcast is available for streaming on Apple iTunes, Radio Republic, Google, Stitcher, and more.