“I just listen to the story
That the clock tell.
Never shell shocked
And never shot shells.
I just listen to the story
That the clock tell…”

A new week, a new song. He’s used to this, got this, and if you check his social media pages – this visionary don’t stop. Jacobi Ryan kicked off Week 25 of the #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign yesterday with his track entitled “Clock Tales”. Producers Just E and Big Dew lay the foundation for the song with a mean, soulful and funky for the streets, hip hop track that instantly give you some obvious nostalgic soulful vibes and is satisfying to anyone’s music palette regardless if your ears are genre specific or not. On the track, Jacobi comes with it on the lyricism and flow as he gives listeners another taste of how he see things, which is always never according to anybody’s clock but his own. This time his measurement of time is a little creative as the title “Clock Tales” is not just a play on words, but also on one’s actions towards progress, as well as the sometimes embellished narratives that go along with the real truth – stagnation. He don’t know about others, but Jacobi ain’t stoppin’ or slowing down anytime soon. Alright, I’ll leave my thoughts right here. Check out the track now and be sure to listen to the story behind the song next week on Jacobi’s “The More I Know, The More I Don’t” podcast. Y’all enjoy!

“Clock Tales” is available on all digital streaming platforms.