“Anybody can say they got it
They be talking for they health
I was taught to not believe it
If I never saw it for myself
Thats bad for your health…

Soulful funky vibes in rural Oklahoma. That’s the “getaway” setting that Image Line Studios uses as the backdrop for Jacobi Ryan’s latest visuals for his Week 25 #52in365 track “Clock Tales”. In the visuals, its an outdoor vibe, as Jacobi seemingly gives his art to the Universe while delivering his verses alongside a car in nothin’ but nature’s open air space and having fun with it all by himself. I’m one that loves my own solitude so I’m totally diggin’ the mood.
If you haven’t listened to the track produced by Just E and Big Dew Music, “Clock Tales” is a clever play on words, slighted narratives (“Perpertratin’ just make you look irritatin'”), and the time spent on how productive one is while we are blessed with this life we are given. “Clock Tales” is now available on all digital streaming platforms – y’all enjoy!


Episode 25 of Jacobi Ryan’s #TMIKTMID podcast is now live! Keepin’ it light, but lit, the topics for this episode include:

– Don’t stay passionate.

– The story behind the Week 25 song “Clock Tales”.
The podcast is available for streaming on Apple Podcasts, Radio Republic, Google, Stitcher, and more.