Always remember – music, especially great music, is always timeless. Having said that, early last month, our friend Klokwize released the visuals for his track “Sick Sad Summer” which was produced by Ant Quint. I know I’ve seen the IG posts for “Sick Sad Summer”, and vibed out to the snippets of music but damn, I didn’t know the production on the track was so fuckin’ dope. Complete with a “1950s horror” vibe, classic hip hop elements via scratching, a lo-fi beat, electric guitars and this new don’t give a fuck lyricism, shit, the energy on the track is like – (excuse me while I break the fourth wall on this post – I always break the fouth wall on a Klokwize post) let’s just say you got me “effed up” Klokwize. This feels like a little sneaky rebirth and I LOVE it! For the listeners, the combination of the various music styles, Klok’s rapid fire lyricism, along with the slow swag of the eerily haunting beat hits you with a one, two punch, letting you know that Klokwize did not come to play with you this summer. The visuals are also fun to watch, as the director Michael Holcomb, picked a fitting location – a defunct amusement park and includes some interesting vintage picture in picture special effects in the visuals – I think I even saw the Mayflower too. Y’all watch and enjoy!