“From the mind to the soul
Shit outta control
You gotta be
Made out of a rose
Mad flowers and gold
You got me so exposed
Tellin’ you things
Nobody else would know”
– Jacobi Ryan

It’s Week 31 of Jacobi Ryan’s #52in365 #FormerlyFresh campaign and love is definitely in the air. Jacobi collaborated with producer DG Beats who’s been featured on several tracks for the campaign, for his track “Ever Since I Found You”. DG Beats unleashes a a sound that is a one part trap and one part EDM vibe as Jacobi lays his feelings of vulnerability (“I don’t ever really talk too much/And you can’t argue with me when I say it’s real/A lot of people say a lot of things/U know the truth by the way it feel”) and the “straight arrow” impact of claiming and receiving love on the table (“Had to win you over, I don’t lose”). The appealing thing about “Ever Since I Found You” is that Jacobi delivers the theme of love on a platter that is not even complicated. In others words, it’s refreshing to hear, (and I think I just revisited this in one of my old poems) someone gravitate towards the “us” part of love and not one’s individual ego, demons, or habitual display of unchanged flaws. It’s straight up love.

“Ever Since I Found You” is now available on all digital streaming platforms. And, don’t forget to connect with Jacobi on Facebook when the video drops as he has something special in store for the visuals for “Ever Since I Found You”. Enjoy the track!