“See this the strongest strain
You ever seen
You need to knock it back
The Dragonzord is blowing smoke
Its like it needs its muffler fixed
Good luck with that.
Niggas about to charge a luxury tax
A finder’s fee for brown paper bags
The dopest shit you ever had
That’s how I know
That I was born to snap
Like a Soulja Boy inspired dance…”

I know it’s been a long minute since I really “stopped, stopped” (Ha Ha Davis) and dug into a GXNE WALLACE track. And, every time I do I get taken on a lo-fi lyrical trip. His current track and visuals for “Forest Green Forester” from his album “DZ3” (DRAGONZORD 3) is no different as GXNE WALLACE’s lyricism combined with the comfortable, laid back production reels you in for the euphoric set up (“It rise from the ocean”) and also toys with your decision making skills to leave the “good space” that he put you in from the gate. (“Come with me. You done with me? Nah”.) I’m just sayin, if Subaru ever entered the cannabis market… they’ll need Mr. GXNE WALLACE. Y’all enjoy!