I listened to the latest offering from producer CHIKANO and emcee/lyricist Granddad Woolly’s latest EP, “EXPRMNTVII”, the other day at work while working on some “paper pushing type goals”. And, I must say, the EP was the perfect soundscape for what I needed to accomplish. “EXPRMNT VII” is a twelve track EP and is being touted as a concept album and the production with it’s film samples and throwback music vibes, comes off as exactly that complete with Granddad Woolly serving as both the narrator, and shit the lyrical executioner. Just know, he ain’t takin’ no prisoners, nor is he lookin’ for you to “survive” either (“trap you in a web that you never knew was spun nigga”). Alright, time to keep you for a minute then kick ya’ ass of my blog… Read the full on point description of the album below and head over to Granddad Woolly’s IG to read his personal breakdown of some of the tracks and (in the words of Granddad) “talk about the shit”. Don’t forget to stream the album too. Y’all Enjoy!

“EXPRMNT VII is a conceptual musical narrative curated by Lisbon, Portugal producer CHIKANO & Northwest Indiana/Atlanta emcee Granddad Woolly. It is their long awaited full length debut album and follow up to their 2015 EP “EXPRMNTS I-VI” that serves as the supreme collaboration of these two talented individuals. The album is heavy influenced by vintage sci-fi, decades of popular culture, Portuguese themes, pure Hip-Hop and unhindered concepts. The album plays as a film, split into two parts but remains extremely connected by the music. Though the initial concept may liken itself to a 1930’s horror film, the deeper concept of the album centers around creation and its greatest mysteries….life and death.
CHIKANO & Granddad Woolly present some of their best production and lyricism to date and prove that their collaboration is as perfect as it is monstrous. With that being said, enjoy the film.”

“EXPRMNT VII” is available on all streaming platforms and is also available in limited edition on cassette, vinyl, and CD on Bandcamp.