I$O Indies are having a great year and have remained very consistent with their music the last several months, having dropped two EPS, “I.S.O.” and “I.S.O. 2.0” and also a few singles in between including “7 A.M. in Brooklyn” and “Hydro”. Last month the duo also released the visuals for their single “Time Heals” which gives listeners I$O Indies’s natural golden era sound and also unleashes a more freer Conchezyout and DillMatic as opposed to the laid back vibe fans are accustomed to. I kind of felt like they’ve exhaled a little because their greatness is starting to peak in the hip hop arena. The video is directed by Ezru Gonzalez, and ironically, it is filmed on the streets with a mural of the Notorious B.I.G. serving as the backdrop. Yep, I$O Indies is definitely standing on the shoulders of hip hop giants – and rightfully so. Watch the video and enjoy!