“First name, Thomas
Last name, better than
Whoever put a pen
To paper if I’m being modest…”

I recently became aware of the name and sounds of OKC artist and native, Thomas Who? a few months ago. After releasing his prior projects “WhoTube” “Who Knew”, and “Who’s Next?”, Thomas Who? recently dropped his album “Splash” (produced by Yondo Beats and Taylor Latre) which is definitely, as his friend Jordan Drescher describes in the intro, a “proclamation” as to who he is in the rap game. However, all definitive accolades aside, after listening to the project, I feel that the hip hop culture has actually been waiting for his arrival.

There is a distinction between having the desire “to be” and unconsciously being necessary – but his “Splash” (meaning return to living water according to Thomas Who?) into the rap game was obviously destined to hit different. “I rap better than you.”. That’s a bold moniker. And, shit the path to one’s purpose should be celebrated – no matter what your arrival looks like.

“I never was worried
The path of the few isn’t matted down
Every head doesn’t have a crown
And every voice doesn’t have a sound
You gave up on what you dream about
That is why you and I
Are not the same…”

“Splash” consists of Jordan Drescher’s Intro, and 11 tracks with features by Ph!l Lea on vocals and Oklahoma artists Jacobi Ryan, Recon Wesley Warhol, Deezy, and Beetyman (who, in my opinion should honorarily be the 6th man for Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – I see you Beetyman). At least half of the production vibe on “Splash” is akin to a melodic, warm spring morning at times as can be heard on the tracks “OK” featuring Jacobi Ryan and Ph!l Lea and also on “Not The Same” which has this real addictive “easy like Sunday morning” aura and also features the vocal stylings of Ph!l Lea – Ph!l singing the chorus – “You gave up on what you dream about/That’s why you and are are not the same” on “Not The Same” is just downright mesmerizing. “Splash” also include themes that celebrates Thomas’s come up and his appreciation for individuals who’ve shown him support over the years on tracks like the celebratory “We Made It” and the latin jazz inspired “Splash Out”. Thomas Who? also has a little something that cleverly appeals to our adult habits via our “libido” as well as our affinity for dope ass lyricism and wordplay which can be heard on “Mo Betta Hues”.

“Can you dig it?
You witnessing
Living Lemony Snickett
On ya’ ticket
A Series of Unfortunate Events
Is all you gettin’
When battlin’ Soul survivor of Babylon
Teachers labeled me bad
Because the syllabus
Wasn’t challengin’…”

“If they label you a God/I sympathize with atheists.” Yep, a lyric like that from Thomas Who? is disgustingly brutal and speaks volumes as to who he lyrically aligns himself with – only rap’s upper echelon. Thus, what surprised me about “Splash” is all the organic, flowery “not bullshit, but great shit” that I wrote above, especially after hearing the barrage of rapid fire lyrics and whitty word play that Thomas Who? and Wesley Warhol displayed on the bass heavy, and addictive “ABNL” (“All Blessings No Luck” which also features Jacobi Ryan). See, “ABNL” was the first track that I heard from Thomas Who? And although “Splash” offers a great balance of tracks that range from colorful and light, to aggressive and edgy, the instructor of Cadence, Flow & Lyricism 101 still keeps class in session with tracks like “Dumb”, “Untitled” (featuring Deezy and Betty Man) as well as one of my favorites, next to “ABNL” and “Not The Same” – “WBSL 2” where Thomas Who? describes a lyrical war with him as “E. Honda meets Ryu but in All Madden”. And after he lyrically assaults you on the “EA field” and the dust settles, one will quickly realize, they don’t want it with Thomas Who? At the end of “WBSL 2” he once again affirms his proclamation – “I guess the bottom line is, I just rap better than you niggas.”

And, I still affirm, the hip hop culture has been awaiting his arrival…

“Which constellation shinin’
Is his pen aligned with?
I been a star
So this astronomical gassin’
Is nothin’ more than science..”

And, Thomas Who? knows this…

You need “Splash”…

“Splash” is now available via private purchase only. Go to Thomas Who?’s Instagram page, say hello via a DM, and request to purchase a digital copy of “Splash”. Also, shout out to Dewun Music who mixed and mastered “Splash”. And you’re welcome.

All thoughts, words, and no bullshit written by,