“Running through my mind constantly,
It gotta be
The Universal energy
That’s sent to me,
And let it realize and manifest
To audible from manuscript,
The damn has ripped
And now is gushing
City’s wet…”

“New Sauce: Algo Riddim” is the forthcoming album as well as the follow up to Queens, NY producer and beat maker, Rusty Joints’s “New Sauce” album from 2014. The first single from the album, “Flow, Flow” is a hip hop and salsa (“new sauce” as coined by Rusty Joints) inspired track and features rhymer, Puertored. I don’t think I’ve heard of Puertrored’s music before, but he just properly “introduced” himself today (and again when I did some homework and heard another dope collabo from him and Rusty Joints entitled “Bodega Down The Block”). When I saw the title of the track – “Flow, Flow” – I wasn’t confused by the “Haha Davisism” but, it kind of had me curious. With its organ sounding intro, (that’s the trick and the teaser) Rusty Joints and Puertrored waste no time arresting your auditory senses into their individual worlds of both sound and rhyme that culminates into this beautiful sounding, rhythmic alliance. What is appealing here, is that the track does not make you question whether cadence and lyricism dominated the track or, if the production dominated the track. Iron truly sharpened iron here. Take a listen and decide for yourself. I’m hoping to hear more from these two on “New Sauce: Algo Riddim”. Y’all enjoy!

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