“I like ya’ heels to
Come walk to me
I no longer
Live cautiously
I’m the one that’s
Gon’ send the message
On my camera phone
When you leave the bar
You the one that’s gon’
Send the text like
Doors open no need to call…”

Terry Mak has been staying consistent with his music since his welcome return to music’s good graces a few months ago. Produced by Cor Mill and Cecil, on Friday Terry Mak infused his own late, hot summer vibe upon us with the release of his bouncy, trap sounding track entitled “Roll the Dice” (One-Eyed Kitty)”. On his Instagram post, Terry Mak talked how he’s he’s been sitting on this track for a minute now and how it now reminded him to stop and enjoy life as well as celebrate the things that he loves. Terry Mak also talked about losing track of having fun with music too. Terry Mak is still on his #NewGodEnergy however, the track is all about some consensual, adult fun, and a healthy affinity for women as he affirms in the lyrics “You ain’t no thottie, we just vibin’ baby.” I agree with such sentiments – run towards great energy and ditch the serious stuff sometimes. Enjoy these hot summer vibes!