“I ain’t got the time to waste
All I got is now
Gotta make a move quick
Now I know how y’all
Was tryna do things
I been tryna do it big”

Jacobi Ryan and producer DG Beats, connected for yet another collaboration for Week 32 of the #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign for the track “Top Again”. On “Top Again” DG Beats offers listeners a laid back, bouncy blend of EDM, synth, and a boom bap sound, while Jacobi reminds folks what’s it like to handle your shit, embracing lessons in order to get back up, and gaining clarity for conditional knowledge and thinking (“Fucked me up/When I discovered how the world work”) that comes with influence and growth, all while being – “the first”. In regards to the latter part – that role is not for everybody… “Can’t nobody tell me how to run mine/Take a hike/I be thinkin’ about the shit that I be doin’ wrong/Tryna make it right”). And, nope, you don’t have to understand why he likes to go big either – just know he took his “lil bit and decided to make it more”… Y’all be easy and enjoy the visuals.

“Top Again” is now available on all digital streaming platforms. And, stay connected with Jacobi Ryan on Facebook to see why he’ll be “Makin Em Mad” in August…

All words, thoughts, and no bullshit, written by MSDFQN.