I think everybody need a true friend playing an enemy like Oswin Benjamin to slap the shit out them, only to wake up the “G.I.T.U.” in them. Yep, picture that taking place in Chris Rivers’s new visuals for his second single “N.A.S.A.” from his upcoming project “G.I.T.U. (Greatest In The Universe)” which officially releases tomorrow. The track itself has this jazzy, trap vibe and at times features a more subltle flow from Chris Rivers with a firm message via the N.A.S.A. acronym, compliments of vocals from Oswin Benjamin, – “Give that boy some space/Ni$$as act so authentic but they ain’t/ They be… fake.” Yep, we exhaling today. Back up and enjoy!

“G.I.T.U.” is available for pre-order here but drops tomorrow.