“I’m a Lonewolf
I live my own life
I shine my own light
I fight my own fights
And I own rights…”

A Lonewolf, with a humble ass chip on his shoulder, he wants everybody to eat, but “he don’t know nothin”. If you’ve been following Jacobi Ryan’s music, lyrics, and his podcast you’ll know exactly what he’s talkin’ about. This week Jacobi teamed up with producer Wayne Valentine for the “knock you off your equilibrium” bass heavy and synth infused “Did It Before”. It”s a wonderful thing when one can embrace their skills and abilities and roll with God’s grace. But, when other folks can’t see or don’t hear you twice the first time – it’s “crazy ’cause them be the one’s who ain’t did it before.” Y’all listen and enjoy!

“Did It Before” is now available on all digital streaming platforms.