A visual in time and in character building. That’s the best way to describe Jacobi Ryan’s visuals for his Week 34 single release from his #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign entitled “24 Hours”.

The track, produced by D. Magic Beats, serves as a personal narrative describing a time that Jacobi faced eviction and ultimately homelessness. In the visuals there is no call for mercy or compassion just some good old-fashioned “I gotta figure this shit out for damn myself”. And, Jacobi didn’t let the experience break him or stop him from executing his vision. Thus, we are here with him now – (insert hashtags) #52in365, #BecomeAcquainted, #EmployToEmpower, #FreshOklahoma #EverybodyGoneEat and still the strength of his self-worth is #MakinEmMad. Trust, he needs you to stay strong and keep it movin’ too. This is for you. Y’all enjoy!