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Born Day: “27 Gold Roses” (Gold Roses Freeswag) by Terry Mak @FlyTerryMak

Terry Mak: Pre-New God Energy!

It’s Terry Mak’s born day! The Greener Side of Hip Hop wishes Terry Mak more success, blessings and “New God Energy”- Happy 27th Birthday! Thank you for blessing our pages over the years!


Official Video for “27 Gold Roses (God Roses Freeswag)”:

They Don’t Like To See A Girl Get It Done: “Hold Up” by Baby Cate | @_BABYCATE

“You a hater
What you hatin’ on?
I swear they don’t like
To see a girl get it done…”

Photo Credit: Baby Cate

After dropping her last Project “Baby Cate (The Mixtape)”, artist and New Orleans native Baby Cate recently released her single entitled “Hold Up”. “Hold Up” is a bouncy and energetic track that doesn’t stray too far away from her subltle laid back vibe and her clear message that she definitely gives several fucks about her worth as a an artist, female artist and producer (“Sleeping on me/Imma come louder”) that fans are accustomed to. And of course, all haters and fake asses can take the usual step out of her way (“As a matter of fact/I got some balls you can go and suck.”). On this track fans will notice her confident “new flow” and still appreciate her dope authenticity. Side note: She’s a future beast preparing to blossom. Y’all enjoy!

Hold up is available on all digital streaming platforms.

✊🏾 “Beats and Rhymes” EP Vol. 1 by KevnPhe | @kevnphe

“I play smart
And stay sharp,
I make art
So to hell with
A fake chart.
You see,
I’m tryna pay bills more
Could give a fuck
About a Billboard
That ain’t what God
Gave me skill for.”

The VA/CA connected duo known as Kevnphe have been consistent with releasing a lot of new music lately and recently the duo dropped their five track “Beats and Rhymes” Volume 1 EP. Once again, the unfuckwittable educators give listeners their stoic “God flow” and a conscious vibe with lyricism that might “fuck you up” on site. But trust, they do it for the love. Y’all enjoy!

#StatenIsland “Harbor Kidz” by @SqUeEgIe_O ft. @jAmilhOneSty (Prod. @psouloist)

Squeegie O recently dropped the first in a series of singles that will be released ahead of his upcoming album. “F.N.T.G.” (From Niggaz to Godz). His first single “Harbor Kidz”, which welcomes listeners to Staten Island where he grew up, is a collaboration with frequent partner in rhyme Jamil Honesty. Produced by P. Souloist, “Harbor Kidz” has a soulful vibe that gives listeners the “dramatics” like the Dramatics, with a slick unintentional ode to Camp Lo and dope energy and synergy as their combined lyricism is thick as theives. The track also drips with that “From Niggaz to Godz” energy. The thing is, you ain’t even gotta know the ’cause of the “F.N.T.G.” trajectory but, you feel it and will stay curious about what Squeegie O has in store for us for the “F.N.T.G.” journey… Y’all enjoy!

#WTFG “Where The Flowers Grow” by DIVERZE. | @_Diverze

Artist DIVERZE. is still somewhat new to my ears, but the other day, I found myself listening to his latest project “Where The Flowers Grow” while at work last week. He was in good company too because, I only listened to #WTFG and Rapsody’s “Eve” that day. I don’t think enough can be said about those moments when an artist’s music really just gets you through your day, when it’s a replacement for cubicle office chatter, and your personal soundtrack that deadens shit you ain’t tryna’ feel at the moment. “Where The Flowers Grow” does make you feel some shit though with it’s blend of jazz, soul, neo-soul, a slight hint of southern hip hop vibes, spoken word, beautiful vocals (form Sauce The Artist) which are all backed by DIVERZE.’s unfeigned, introspective lyricism about life that doesn’t have to beg listeners to come into his world – the red carpet is/will be mutual.
#WTFG is now available on all digital streaming platforms. Y’all enjoy!

#52in365: “Makin Em Mad” (Official Video) by Jacobi Ryan @Nothin2much (Prod. by @DrView1)

“I just follow my purpose
And suddenly
I’m on my way to the bag.”

After collaborating on a few music releases this year, including, their “Viewer’s Discretion” EP, as well as working on the projects “Curriculum Of The Mind”, and “Amir Sky”, Oklahoma hip hop artist Jacobi Ryan and Texas DJ/Producer Dr. View are back at it again. This time the two have teamed up on the purpose filled, yet scowling – “Makin Em Mad” which was released late last month.

Yep, Jacobi Ryan’s year long #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign is still rollin’. Currently he’s in Week 38, but we gone catch up with his weekly tracks during the coming weeks. The last time Jacobi graced our pages he dropped “24 Hours” for Week 34 followed by “Makin Em Mad” for Week 35 which is now available on all digital streaming platforms. You can check out the video below. Enjoy!

Stay connected:


“Exit To Exile” (EP) by Klokwize | @Klokwize

“No matter where I go
Shit, there I am…”

Late last month Klokwize released his much anticipated EP “East of Exile”. The seven track EP is a continuation of the sentiments that were echoed on the first single he released from the EP previously, “Sick Sad Summer” – definitely hard hitting and a lot edgier, (which can be heard in the lyricism, the natural ‘Pac influence, and on the tracks like “There I Am”) because it’s personal but, it’s still the Klokwize that fans know and love. Klokwize mentioned on his Twitter account that the EP is “for me and you, and not the industry” and the production on the tracks definitely have this aura of liberation and a new burst of energy that is dope, refreshing and devoid of caution. Aside from “Sick Sad Summer” and “Fly” featuring frequent collaborator (on the vocals), Angela Luna, “Whisper”, which is about a real one getting away (“…and I still don’t remember how I fucked it up”) is a another track that I’m really feelin’. Hip hop heads will keep “Whisper” on replay with its production vibes that feel like a real nice ode to Pete Rock. Overall, “Exit to Exile” is the next level of artistic creativeness that fans didn’t know they needed from Klokwize. And, we also didn’t know that Klokwize can make ‘em (the ladies) “whisper”. Now we know – the summer is still hot according to Klok.

“Exit to Exile” is now available on all digital streaming platforms. Since I started writing this post about “X” amount of days ago, Klokwize already dropped the second visuals from his EP for the title track “East of Exile”. His timing is so perfect. Y’all enjoy!

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