“No matter where I go
Shit, there I am…”

Late last month Klokwize released his much anticipated EP “East of Exile”. The seven track EP is a continuation of the sentiments that were echoed on the first single he released from the EP previously, “Sick Sad Summer” – definitely hard hitting and a lot edgier, (which can be heard in the lyricism, the natural ‘Pac influence, and on the tracks like “There I Am”) because it’s personal but, it’s still the Klokwize that fans know and love. Klokwize mentioned on his Twitter account that the EP is “for me and you, and not the industry” and the production on the tracks definitely have this aura of liberation and a new burst of energy that is dope, refreshing and devoid of caution. Aside from “Sick Sad Summer” and “Fly” featuring frequent collaborator (on the vocals), Angela Luna, “Whisper”, which is about a real one getting away (“…and I still don’t remember how I fucked it up”) is a another track that I’m really feelin’. Hip hop heads will keep “Whisper” on replay with its production vibes that feel like a real nice ode to Pete Rock. Overall, “Exit to Exile” is the next level of artistic creativeness that fans didn’t know they needed from Klokwize. And, we also didn’t know that Klokwize can make ‘em (the ladies) “whisper”. Now we know – the summer is still hot according to Klok.

“Exit to Exile” is now available on all digital streaming platforms. Since I started writing this post about “X” amount of days ago, Klokwize already dropped the second visuals from his EP for the title track “East of Exile”. His timing is so perfect. Y’all enjoy!