“I just follow my purpose
And suddenly
I’m on my way to the bag.”

After collaborating on a few music releases this year, including, their “Viewer’s Discretion” EP, as well as working on the projects “Curriculum Of The Mind”, and “Amir Sky”, Oklahoma hip hop artist Jacobi Ryan and Texas DJ/Producer Dr. View are back at it again. This time the two have teamed up on the purpose filled, yet scowling – “Makin Em Mad” which was released late last month.

Yep, Jacobi Ryan’s year long #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign is still rollin’. Currently he’s in Week 38, but we gone catch up with his weekly tracks during the coming weeks. The last time Jacobi graced our pages he dropped “24 Hours” for Week 34 followed by “Makin Em Mad” for Week 35 which is now available on all digital streaming platforms. You can check out the video below. Enjoy!

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