“You a hater
What you hatin’ on?
I swear they don’t like
To see a girl get it done…”

Photo Credit: Baby Cate

After dropping her last Project “Baby Cate (The Mixtape)”, artist and New Orleans native Baby Cate recently released her single entitled “Hold Up”. “Hold Up” is a bouncy and energetic track that doesn’t stray too far away from her subltle laid back vibe and her clear message that she definitely gives several fucks about her worth as a an artist, female artist and producer (“Sleeping on me/Imma come louder”) that fans are accustomed to. And of course, all haters and fake asses can take the usual step out of her way (“As a matter of fact/I got some balls you can go and suck.”). On this track fans will notice her confident “new flow” and still appreciate her dope authenticity. Side note: She’s a future beast preparing to blossom. Y’all enjoy!

Hold up is available on all digital streaming platforms.