“Tales from the bottom
Of the totem pole
They know me well at
The bottom of the totem pole
Was tryna sale at
The bottom of the totem pole
Barely money for bills
At the bottom of the totem pole.”

It’s week 39 of the #52in365 #FormerlyFresh campaign and Lawton, OK artist Jacobi Ryan dropped the visuals for this week’s track “Only Hope”. The jazz and hip hop inspired track was produced by Dreamlife Beats and Jacobi blessed it with some well written, introspective lyricism about the many facets of hope. It’s an enduring desire that can keep one motivated when lint is the only thing lining your pocket or it can be the precipice to all your perceived fears coming true. Listeners will appreciate how Jacobi creatively constructs the lyrics throughout the song in three of the verses using a totem pole type hierarchy but, on some we started from the bottom and eventually “propelled” type vibe… “Straight out the L/From the bottom of this totem pole/Dreams got derailed at the bottom of the totem pole.” Yep, there’s layers to this shit – and Jacobi got you. Y’all enjoy!