“I really wanna be
Involved with you
But not while I’m
Fighting these whispers.”

So, you’re “unpacking” to go where now? Yep, that question makes perfect sense if you read it with some untamed sensibilities….

For Week 40 of the #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign Jacobi Ryan released his edgy and highly introspective track “Up Front” which is somewhat of an emotionally filled “this is who I am” conversation between Jacobi and a real special love interest. The track is produced by frequent collaborator on the #52in365 journey, Nolo Ellis. Nolo gives fans a cool electro, pop vibe on the track, which is built on the foundation of a snare drum rhythm, while Jacobi delivers a heavy dose of truth and transparency with his lyricism that’s akin to your Aunt’s good ass gumbo in a weak ass paper bowl – (use your untamed sensibilities here) – it’s a perfectly “flawed” experience that’s dope and should make anyone curious about about their own sensibilities…

“I wanna let you know
The devil walk with me
This muthafucka won’t get off of me
I just wanna let you know
Before you get involved with me.”

Sometimes, the only thing we can do is unpack our shit and be honest about where we goin’ in life. Afterall, it might be the hand we’re dealt in life… “I ain’t never asked for it/I’m just who it’s given to.”

Y’all enjoy the visuals that Jacobi recently dropped for the track… And, of course you’ll revisit this track again, because life is life. “Up Front” is available on all digital streaming platforms for your listening and learning pleasure.