“How you gone stop me/If He the one that want me to win?” – Gatson

“Draft Day”: The Untold Story of Gatson” is the latest release and second EP from Champaign, IL hip hop artist Gatson. Gatson is new to the The Greener Side of Hip Hop Pages, so shoutout to Parrish for hitting me up on IG and putting Gatson on our radar.

Last year, Gatson released his debut EP “Blessed to Become A Blessing” In his Spotify bio Gatson states that he used to write poetry – and for me (my poetry hiatus is still on lock) while not evident at first, I could feel why his lyricism resonated with me on a very highly, introspective level (“souletry”). We all know that most rap lyricism is poetry set to music, and Gatson delivers on the substance, the bittersweet emotions, (“I made love the new drug” – “Live On”) and the deep unveiling as to who Gatson is – on the first EP. I’m listening to “Blessed to Become A Blessing” as I write this blog post and my recommendation to new listeners – listen to BOTH EPs. “Draft Day” certainly embodies the experiences that made him, but also lays a clear foundation, (as can be heard on the track “Til Next Season”) regarding Gatson’s determination to be the inspiration and the light for others – “I grew up listening to ”Pac/His music was the closest that I had for a Pops”. As well as to succeed and be heard on his music journey – “Imma make it so they can’t ignore me”. Not everyone’s success is actually memorable. Thankfully Gatson claimed it, captured listeners and put the substance and respect in and on his name and music. Yep, it’s “Draft Day” and he just gettin’ started. Y’all enjoy!