“Fly nigga that’s grounded
What a paradox
Generational of cycles
But this is where it stops…”

Jacobi Ryan is currently heading into Week 43 of his #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign but music is timeless so I’m just now writing about the release for Week 41, the resilient driven “Bounce Back” with all the love and no regrets in the world – yep, still rollin’ regardless.

Produced by Blunted Beatz, listeners will be immediately pleased with the infectious “bounce” in the melodic jazzy track and Jacobi Ryan’s fly aura in his flow. However, as usual Jacobi doesn’t show up with a hollow ass ego in tow, (value always) he shows up buildin’ and renovatin’ character like the true King that he is – “You only good as your bounce back/Some of them quit/I wouldn’t know nothin’ about that.” The magic in the track is definitely in the chorus and right at the point where Blunted Beatz and Jacobi, “hit that two step” simultaneously on that “Bounce Back” lyric and you realize Jacobi just let you know – you still the shit. Let this be your personal anthem on your Spotify playlist. Like I said, he’s buildin’ and renovatin’ character. And, you’re welcome.

“Bounce Back” is now available on all digital streaming platforms.