“Dark nights and cold mornings
As the story unfolds
The gun is exposed
He shootin for higher power
The faces drop in astonishment
They wanna know where
I learned my markmanship
Mother and Father started it
Mariners Harbor sponsored this…”
– Squeegie O, “Kabrina”

Staten Island’s Squeegie O released the second track off his forthcoming album “F.N.T.G. (From Niggaz To Godz)” entitled “Kabrina”. Produced by P Souloist the track grabs listeners with a chilling, yet melodic, boom bap instrumental and is laced with a lyrical “dossier’ on Squeegie O’s thoughts on today’s new music. “Well, me and Solo came to change that/These niggaz stole your money/So we here to bring ya’ change back, ya’ dig?” Squeegie O’s well executed intro on “Kabrina” serves as the shoulder and head shake just to daze and fool you – however, every time you listen to the track, you gone wind up catchin’ a brand new lyrical fade. Yep, Rakim, Wu Tang Clan, Andre 3000, Nas, and KRS-One, lyricism is still in good hands. Y’all enjoy!