“Then I seen you at the mall
With that fake ass Lonzo Ball
I don’t care if he got brothers
Imma brrrr pop ’em off.”

And also this: “Just like NeYo with the radio/I’m sick of writing ballads.”

And wait, also this: “And I think I need a nurse/This feel like a curse/Since you sent me sixteen messages/I put ’em in a verse.”

Yeah, you can see where this post is going or rather, where Lights La Soul has creatively taken us with his love/hate/we just mad/this shit aint’t over track entitled “Not Like You”. I’ve listened to this song over a dozen times this morning as the infectious melodic, bouncy, track hits lovers emotionally and lovers of dope music in a variety of ways. It’s a relatable song with fire production and a fire ass hook that you can ease on into your memory bank (because you either heard it or said it before) by Joziah Council that’ll make you question why the fuck you mad in a relationship in the first place. Joziah just out here tryna’ celebrate birthdays love. What I love about the track is the overall chemistry that Lights, Joziah, and producer Boneheadbob bring to the track – it’s like all the dots connect and just makes you want to hit that Bobby Shmurda dance while you in your feelings, “go somewhere and change your attitude” and apologize to him or her, if that’s where you’re at in your relationship right now. Lyrically the track not only touches one’s sensitive side, but is also a subtle call to action to not be hesitant (“I need you in the worse way”) about one’s true feelings when the walls in your relationship feel like they’re caving in. (Yep, Lights, we gone need that make up song too.)

“Not Like You” is now available on all digital streaming platforms. Y’all enjoy!