On Jacobi Ryan’s latest track from his #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign, “REWIND” he reminds listeners that while the music or whatever you’re building on stays bangin’, we still need to stay elevatin’ against all odds. With an edgy, bass heavy vibe, producer Devoll compliments Jacobi’s impactful flow and lyrics which highlights the pitfalls and wherewithal of resiliency.
(“Back against the wall
I got it lookin’ like a Banksey paintin’ “.) On the track, Jacobi also name drops a few noteables from his hometown of Lawton, OK including boxer Grady Brewer, (“The pressure heavy/Bad Boy Brewer how I fight them feelings”) and NFL Player Adrian McDonald. In the visuals for the track, we see the “big homie” who “did it before” showing us (Appreciation Records) what being on purpose can look like. Y’all enjoy!