“I always wanted more for them, and less for me/It was about other people and not what’s best for me/It still is/I gotta find a way to treat myself better/Hard times but I believe it’ll get better.”

The VA/CA duo known as KevnPhe are still blessing listeners with new music as they recently dropped their latest track for fans, the soulful and sentimental “Trials”. Although “Trials” is all about (the obvious) trials, tribulations, lessons and growth the track is also an introspective view (on wax) as to what makes this duo click that KevnPhe didn’t know listeners needed. On “Trials”, KevnPhe deliver a synergy that makes the anticipation for new music from them more pleasurable. For instance, listeners (a real one like me) will notice subltle things like how Kev sometimes steps confidently into his verses and then passes the baton to “Phe” and you know the next hook or verse by Phe will superbly balance out their creativity. Both are dope lyricists, but their brotherhood, not just the simple fact that KevnPhe are a duo, is something that doesn’t go unnoticed – kinda like their dope quotables. Y’all enjoy!

“I been runnin’ with fiends when it’s hostile/Supply enough dope on this beat to treat nostrils.”