Jacobi Ryan dropped the ultimate anti- haterism anthem yesterday with the Week 44 release from his #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign entitled “What Up Tho”. Produced by Gorilla Godzilla, “What Up Tho” is a melodic, bouncy track with this laid back “familiar” chime that eventually connects the dots to Jacobi’s machismo “esque” take to “mirror, mirror on the wall” in the lyrics…

“They say I went too far
Soon as the Range rolled up
We just bein’ us
And got the game goin’ nuts
And they be hatin’ on us
I keep a Jordan on my foot
Love readin’ books
Smilin’ everytime
A nigga look
In the mirror
Like “What up tho?”
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Like “What up tho?”
Fuck if y’all feel me.”
I like to keep my lady hooked
Keep these haters shook
Smilin’ every time
A nigga look in the mirror
Like “What up tho?”

Jacobi took the idea of “vanity” and redefined it with a resounding “eff these haters, I got me and my success” vibe. As you watch the visuals for “What Up Tho” which was filmed with Jacobi standing in a mirror, rhyming, praising himself, and denouncing those that don’t clap for another’s success, you can’t help but to start your day like, “Who gone stop me?” This is for you. Y’all enjoy!

“What Up Tho” is available on all digital streaming platforms.