“How much does it cost
To love beyond the pain
And the heart?
How much must I pay
Not to feel
This way?”

Mvtha Cvla (“Mother Color”) is not new to the pages of The Greener Side of Hip Hop, she was puttin’ us up on her next level creative game as Raspy Rapz a.k.a. Gina Jones a while back with tracks like the soulful and bouncy “Spaceship” and “Run Felecia: The Abuse Project”. The music and creativity that Mvtha Cvla brings to the tables haven’t ceased and recently she dropped the visuals for a song that she collaborated on with Poland rapper and producer, DJ BRK for the fan favorite, “How Much”. Never short on making you feel the ethereal wave that she is on (“Come get this Jones”), “How Much” gives listeners an appreciative ode to that Erykah Badu spirit except Mvtha Cvla has always been in a space that is all her own. With lyrics like, “Why I gotta give birth/To the pain up in my core?”, trust me, her creative intent and purpose isn’t here just to simply take up space on your Spotify playlist. “How Much” is now available on all digital streaming platforms. Love and listen…