“I wanna be
Left alone
In my bed
At my home
Don’t hit me up
Don’t call my phone
Leave me alone
Leave me alone…”

Oklahoma artist, poet, and producer, Original Flow released the visuals to his song “Lately” a couple a weeks ago, however I just happen to see the visuals for it last week while scrolling through my You Tube feed or maybe it “called my name”. In the video for “Lately”, Original Flow digs deep into the depths of depression as his whole aura conveys that he just wants to be left alone as he contemplates what is going through his mind and what he is feeling as he deals with depression. The lyrics, visuals, and track all meld together to create a bittersweet, yet melancholy tone, (“Negative energy pulling me inwardly/How do I stop?/Started off smaller/But then it got bigger/And now it’s a lot.”) that instantly took me back to some familiar and uncomfortable days.

What I like most about the video is Original Flow and the directors from Image Line Studios don’t just “give” you a mental health awareness vibe, they creatively take you on a journey that allows you to sympathize with the pain of depression regardless if you are suffering from it or not. Original Flow also has those eyes that effectively tell a lot which does justice to the sad overtone throughout the video. Yes, my heart strings were certainly tugged at after watching the visuals for “Lately”, thus the overall production is a creative endeavor done right. Love and listen…