“This run is legendary.”
– Duncan Sodala

If not you, then who? You can be your own worse enemy or critic but also your biggest fan. However, it certainly doesn’t hurt to receive high praise from the likes of Zambian hip hop pioneer and Slam Dunk Records owner Duncan Sodala (“This run is legendary”.) for running a pivotal and successful year long music campaign that has. inspired others. While watching Jacobi Ryan’s latest visuals for his track “The Synposis of Real Bosses” earlier, I ironically had this sort of “visual epiphany” about how Jacobi has slowly woven together “glimmers” of where he’s going – from Jacobi wearing a simple black hoodie or t-shirt early on in his music campaign , his consistent usage of the πŸ“ˆ emoji on social media, the introduction of the Appreciation Records sweatsuit with the stock market symbol logo, the “Apple Stock” comparison, the ode to “real bosses”, and having the ultimate homage bestowed upon him with a mural painted by graffiti artist Germ One – yep, Jacobi’s year is one for him to celebrate, as he truly is taking risks, going farther and at the same time, just getting started with delivering a massive discography of recordings and visuals in less than one year. His set up for long term success and longevity is definitely something that is worth applauding….”If ever the shows stop, get ready for encores.”

In my last post, about Jacobi’s video “Apple Stock” I “started” it off with the following quote by Steve Jobs – β€œYou have to believe that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” And I’ll let that part marinate. Remember, the #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign is for you. Love and listen…