“Homie said do your thing
I said “you already know”
Needed a beat and
Chief (Peace) said …”

Jacobi Ryan casually slid into Week 47 of the #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign with some burly, hard hitting, head noddin’ vibes with the Chief Peace produced track “Already Know”. On the track Jacobi’s flow and delivery exudes the self assuredness (no front door aesthetics here, albeit the usual headphones and his owner status – the Appreciation Records hoodie and sweatpants in the visuals) that fans have grown accustomed to as he just vibes with the synergy of Chief Peace’s high energy track. When Jacobi says “Needed a beat, and Chief said…” (insert the massive horn sounds and bass) at the end of the song, you feel that shit because, your audio senses have already been strong-armed by the infectious beat and the “purpose” in Jacobi’s cadence and flow. The visuals for the song are pretty much “nothin’ to ever prove” simplistic with dancer Poe Alaelua doing his thing as Jacobi and Chief Peace keep us hyped at this #52in365 “function”.

It’s hard to believe that the #52in365 #FormerlyFresh campaign is almost over as Jacobi has provided fans with an incredible year long listening experience, as well as a content filled artistic journey that consisted of a weekly song, video, creative artwork, and a podcast for all of the tracks that he released and will release by the end of the year.

“Fresh ain’t y’all
Y’all can’t put him in a box.”

I’m sure by now his dedicated fans, and some curious and quiet onlookers are waiting to see what’s in the works for “his” 2020. We already know it’ll be another epic, and inspiring “follow your purpose” journey…

“I dont’t give a fuck
What they say about us.”

Remember, #52in365 is for you. Tap into your greatness, don’t allow others to put you in a box, and move forward “regardless”.

“Making something
Out of nothing
Word to homies
On the come up
Representing where
They from”

Love and listen…

“Already Know’ is available on all digital streaming platforms.

www jacobiryan.com