Six months into the new year, this IS TGSoHH’s inaugural 2020 post...

A lot has happened in the world since the last time a post graced the pages of The Greener Side of Hip Hop. The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has changed our “normal” in every way imaginable and also reignited disparities in healthcare. Sadly, a lot of lives were and are still being lost due to COVID-19. The world was also reminded of the pandemic that has been going on for 401 years. I won’t rewrite history here or make an attempt to educate what we already know. We know what time it is though, and that clock started a long time ago. But, for some reason for every “I can’t breathe” or shots fired because our melanin is perceived as  indifferent, there still exists a million snooze buttons on our lives….

The Greener Side of Hip Hop, sends heartfelt condolences and continued prayers to the victims and families of police brutality, victims of senseless killings anywhere, and COVID-19. And remember, the totality of one’s love doesn’t just reside on one’s social media platform or even their blog pages. #WeSeeYou.