Jacobi Ryan’s 2019 #52in36 #FormerlyFresh campaign might be over but the vibe itself has officially transformed into a content filled “experience” for 2020 to the delight of new and longtime fans. Jacobi brought undeniable substance and equal doses of transparency and value to his music campaign which was built on determination, always taking risks, harnessing challenges, transparency and setting high personal standards outside/inside a world all of his own. In 2019, Jacobi released fifty-two songs, podcasts and videos, two EPS,  hit the stage for numerous shows, started two business, worked on several music projects with fellow Oklahoma artists, (“Curriculum of the Mind”, “Fire In Little Africa”, “Splash”), he took pause to do dope interviews (shout out to “A Taste of Brandy” podcast), created an interview platform for artists and he still had time to continue to help host Tha Rap Podcast with Mike Willis, Original Flow and Dezz Got Steeze during the whole #52in365 journey. The campaign was an impressive, creative marathon to watch and listen to each week and like Zambia artist Duncan Sodala said about Jacobi’s music campaign “This run is legendary.”

Alright, so the spark that got me circling back around to blogging for a minute, after a much needed hiatus,  is to highlight the nine videos from Jacobi’s #52in365 music campaign that never made it to the blog – yep, I wrestle with my own highs and lows when it comes to blogging but music is timeless – so for me its “fresh to def” whenever. Plus, when asked, I committed to the #52in365 journey. You’ll still see some familiar faces – artists that I’ve regularly covered in the past in upcoming posts – Klokwize, KevnPhe, Gone Wallace, Mvtha Cvla, etc. Without them, I couldn’t escape to this type of fun – enjoying music, blogging and keeping the energy space tight. So, let’s get into it…

“I’m cool up under the radar

No attention just a million, 

Thass how I’m feelin’…”

Produced by HiVolume Beats, the cool and melodic sounding “Radar” kicked of Week 26 of the #52in365 campaign.  “Radar” speaks to how fame, attention, and ceremonial accolades are not a focal point nor a desire on his journey as an artist. Thus, his comfort spot is to go hard, and progressively conquer each bar he sets for himself and just chill under the “radar”.  (“Luckily we underdogs comfortably/Built to build a company”). In the visuals for “Radar” produced by Image Line Studios (also part of  “The Team”), the aura is simplistic and dressed down as warm fluorescent lights “highlight” the action (deep thinker, spittin’ lyrics performance) and Jacobi’s low key, but vivid glow of substance and character. (“It ain’t my style to be stuntin’/I’m doing more than usual”). As with most of the #52in365 songs, fans and new listeners will appreciate the fact that Jacobi always “stunts” to elevate and inspire, and “Radar” definitely punctuates that same undeniable #52in365 energy. 

Listen with love and spread the word. Y’all enjoy!


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