“I found my center of gravity

In the depths of depravity 

The rest is whatever 

It’s just happening…”

After dropping his two EPs within the last 15 months, “Dangerous Youth” and “East of Exile”, the self proclaimed (and yes, I agree) “indie rap god” Klokwize dropped the feel good track “All Is Good” in May featuring singer and producer Asher. The lullaby laden track is timely and also therapy (on any given day) that cradles that love we all know we have inside of us especially during these turbulent times. Klokwize’s song “All Is Good” doesn’t mean all is great in the world, certain aspects are, but the song is a great reminder that we still have to hope for change and understand that beautiful blessings are still a placeholder in our lives. Balance.

Earlier, I mentioned the lullaby feel to this track a couple of sentences back, but I was just being modest for the feel good tone. My real response to the track is – you’ll fuckin’ love the sexy horn and piano rifts, and Klok’s familiar gravely voice backed by some impromptu scatting, which gives the track a jazzy vibe… and I guess I’ve been on Instagram hearing snippets of songs for too damn long this last year and a half, because I didn’t even know Asher (the hook killer with his beautiful vocals) was featured on the track until today. So “All Is Good”, actually sounds doper than the first time I heard it or rather the snippet. See, that’s another reason, why I had to return to blogging – I had to get my listening skills up. Klokwize, as usual you’ve won me over with another beautiful track with visuals to boot! Thank you!

Listen with love and spread the word. Y’all enjoy!