“I’m just thinkin out loud

They was sleep

No they see what I’m about

I don’t even trip 

I don’t keep count…”

“Don’t mind me, yo I’m just thinking out loud.”  Is a stream of consciousness a message for an intended audience or for yourself if you are thinking out loud?  I thought about this for a minute (not in a critical way) as I listened to Jacobi Ryan’s mid tempo, melodic sounding track for “Thinkin’ Out Loud” which represented Week 27 of his 2019 #FormerlyFresh campaign.  Then I thought to myself, shit, it don’t matter, (the message matters regardless of the creative platform or mindset it’s coming from) plus, it’s music and the sound and concept for the track is dope as it provides value which is of course what the #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign was all about.  The lyrics on “Thinkin Out Loud” is a representation of Jacobi’s thoughts (or confessional) about his journeys in life and the target audience is those who have slept on him, (“Now they see what I’m ’bout/I ain’t finna front with you like we was down.”) turned their back on him.  As well as a documentation of his let downs and stressors in life and his reaction to it all, which always reverts back to his faith (“Then I went and got great/Try to stop me/You can’t.”) and focus on his vision (“I don’t need no one showing me how/Niggas like me just go and reroute.”)  In the visuals for the track, Jacobi keeps it simple with a conviction filled performance at a small venue with a vibrant ambience. Viewers will take note of how Jacobi takes his time and smoothly adjusts the microphone, with a smile that actually juxtaposes the hailstorm of a very passionate inner monologue that will eventually ensue. Yes, welcome to his stage. 

“Thinkin Out Loud” is available on all of your favorite digital streaming platforms. 

Listen with love and spread the word. Enjoy!  


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