I was going to review Mvtha Cvla’s new video that she released today for “OWO”, (and I will) but when I logged onto You Tube, the blue vibes on the cover for one of her other “tracks” caught my eye again, and I got was in the mood to listen to some Prince vibes. I listened to a snippet of her “now I know it’s a three track EP” of “Aye, Face It, I Lied” a few weeks ago and I was so enthralled with the first minute of what I heard I immediately commented on her You Tube post and probably allowed my current WFH state of mind distract me and forgot to come back to it, but great music always calls my name… I’ve replayed the first track on the EP “Aye” a few times since I started this post as the guitar vibes are just ridiculously sick and definitely an ode to the late Prince – listening to “Aye” makes you appreciate the fact that we had him and also appreciate the current sounds of greatness from artists like this Queen. Mvtha Cvla mentioned in her description about the EP (which you’ve probably figured out by now consists of three tracks entitled “Aye”, “Face It”, and “I Lied”) that these are sounds that have been forgotten about, but are needed during this time. And she’s right, we might be dealing with this current pandemic/plandemic and unrest as far as injustice goes but shit flexin’ for our inner worth and peace don’t stop either, plus, great music still matters – listening to her last track, the very honest, soul filled and funkdafied, “I Lied” just reminded me of this – “I’m sorry I lied to you/But you are not the one.” Yeah, she cold like that – nothing but truth – but has a sound that is highly magnetizing and timeless. Y’all are the one, so relax and enjoy this three track Mvtha Cvla high.

“Aye, Face It, I Lied” is now available for purchase or streaming on Bandcamp.